Overcome Bloating with Natural Materials

Stomach often bloated? Don’t worry, overcome with this natural ingredient.

Although not dangerous, flatulence and bladder can make you uncomfortable to move. The causes of bloating are various, one of which is gastrointestinal disorders. If you experience it, don’t worry, there are natural ingredients that can be used as medicine.

When there is bloating, you will feel your stomach become ‘widened’, uncomfortable and full. These complaints can be caused by excessive gas production in the digestive tract, difficult bowel movements, certain food intolerances, or the presence of certain medical conditions (such as celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome).

In addition to lifestyle changes and consult a doctor, you can also handle flatulence in the following natural ways:

Eat pineapple
According to the American Cancer Society, the enzyme bromelain contained in pineapple can break down a number of proteins in the digestive tract and reduce complaints of flatulence and bladder. In addition, the journal published in Biomedical Reports states that the bromelain content in pineapple also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.

Drink peppermint tea
Peppermint is a popular ingredient used to relieve gastrointestinal disorders because it contains active ingredients menthol and menthone. The content of these ingredients has an antispasmodic effect (reduces contraction) and alleviates complaints of discomfort in the digestive tract.

In addition, peppermint can also stimulate bile acids to help the digestive process. In fact, research from the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology states that peppermint extract is more effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome than antispasmodic drugs.

Cook with turmeric
Myriad of spice plants, which not only make delicious dishes but can also reduce the symptoms of flatulence. Studies published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology say that turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin which can relieve bloating and bladder.

Curcumin is a fat-soluble antioxidant that makes turmeric yellow-orange. In a study of 440 people with gastrointestinal disorders, respondents who consumed turmeric extract every day seemed to experience symptoms of abdominal pain, bloating, and bladder up to 67%.

Ginger consumption
In addition to being a seasoning for cooking, ginger has long been known as an herb that can reduce symptoms of discomfort in the digestive tract. One of them is flatulence and bladder. As quoted from the book “Integrative Medicine”, ginger can act as an antispasmodic and relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Not only does it relieve bloating and bladder, research also says that ginger can reduce the symptoms of nausea and vomiting in women with hyperemesis gravidarum.

Some of the natural ingredients above can be an alternative for you to deal with flatulence and bladder. By being free from bloated bladder, your daily activities can be carried out to the maximum again.

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