Bloated? Avoid Consumption of These Foods

Nearly everyone has experienced flatulence or bloating. This condition, which is often regarded as a ‘cold’ symptom, is most commonly caused by excess gas in the digestive tract.

Health experts say that flatulence or bloating can affect anyone, from children to those who are elderly. You who do not want to experience complaints are required to really pay attention to the type of food consumed. This also applies to those of you who already have complaints of flatulence. The reason is, certain types of food can trigger flatulence or bloating complaints and make it worse.

Foods that trigger flatulence
Food is one of the triggers of flatulence or bloating. Therefore, if you experience this complaint, you are required to really pay attention to everything consumed.

Some foods that you should really avoid when experiencing bloating or sodden, including:

Cabbage such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, carrots, and asparagus are types of food that can cause gas buildup in the digestive tract. In addition, these types of vegetables also contain raffinose, which is sugar that is difficult to digest.

So, if you eat cabbages, especially when the stomach is puffed up, complaints can get worse.

Stomach is feeling well? If so, you should undo your intention to eat apples. In fact, apples contain a type of natural sugar that is difficult to absorb by the digestive tract.

Besides apples, pineapples, pears, grapes, and mangoes also contain sugar that is difficult to digest. Therefore, these fruits also have the potential to cause and worsen complaints of flatulence.

Milk and processed products
Milk, cheese, yogurt, and similar processed products contain lactose in them. If you are a sufferer of lactose intolerance, these types of food can not be digested properly, triggering flatulence.

Chocolate increases stretching in the stomach, so it can increase stomach acid production. As a result, the occurrence of bloating or begah can not be avoided anymore.

Foods made from wheat have high fiber content, which can cause flatulence or bloating.

Soft drink
Soft drinks contain air bubbles that can be trapped in the digestive tract. That is what can increase gas levels in the intestine, so that the stomach feels bloated and tired.

The foods above have a higher potential to cause flatulence, especially if you are under stress, consume it excessively or too quickly.

Flatulence Solution
Flatulence can be prevented and treated in the following ways:

  • Limit or avoid the consumption of foods that can trigger flatulence
  • Eat slowly and chew food until it’s completely smooth so it’s easy to digest
  • Eat regularly and in moderation
  • If there is lactose intolerance, replace your milk with the label lactose free
  • Avoid talking while eating
  • Perform massage in the abdominal area to help remove gas from the digestive tract
  • Do exercise regularly and regularly
  • Manage stress well